I’m back.

So, I’ve still been playing this tremendous game, daily, hourly. I just haven’t really had the necessary urge to broadcast my opinions, or other worthy some information with you lovely, loyal readers.

Now, what have I been up too since my last post?

Still making gold, spent a lot. Made a bit, although not as much as I wish I could.
The server has gone severely downhill, and I mean DRASTICALLY, downhill. There are times where I am the only one in Stormwind (it seems).

I’ve played a lot of flex raids, challenge modes, lfrs, and gearing of many, many toons. 11 90’s, but I mainly focus on about 6 or so of them. The DK and Priest both have cloaks, couple others are a ways a way. I’ve purchased a couple sweet, bad-ass mounts. A long with finishing some super sweet transmogs that I’ll share with you guys in the coming days. 

I’ll share with you some of the other cool shit that I’ve came across during my leave of absence from this blog. I appreciate the feedback I’ve received on a couple of my previous posts. Have a good day as always!


150k on Dreadnaught Pauldrons

So, I decided to spend some gold…. I liked the look of them.

I always wonder why Puff wasn’t in that truck.

Motha fuckas killed Biggie.


150k haha

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Making a Million Gold in Mists of Pandaria

So, I am deciding to show you how to have more gold than you know what to do with.
I operate with 2 main markets, starting from an original Raw Material.
For this example, I will be showing you what I do with 100 Stacks of ghost iron ore.
Now for most of you, somewhat sane people, that have at least visited the auction house once or twice since this expansion was released, know that prices of these fluctuate dramatically.

One of the key aspects that I use is that I have 10 characters, with every profession at least once. If you have the characters able to level to 600 profession, I would advise extremely to do so. May be costly at first, but it is so useful, not just for making gold, but for maintaing your character as well. The professions that I utilize in the ghost iron process are;

  • Jewel Crafting
  • Alchemy (Transmute Spec)
  • Enchanter(Just leveled to 600)

Using these 3 specs allows me to use every single drop from the ghost iron ore.

At least on my server (Moonrunner-US) prices for a stack of ghost iron ore vary from 19g a stack, all the way to 45g a stack sometimes. So In most cases, depending on the prices of the produced products and items, I don’t like to spend more than 25g a stack.  When I see prices at =<21 gold, I buy them all and either store them in the bank, or spend the time prospecting/doing my thing with it.

I could explain right here about what to do with it all, but most people will just pass it by and thing its useless.

Trust me, if you spend the time and figure this out, you will have so much gold, you wont know what to do.

So read, look at the screenshots, do the math yourself. But the profit  is sitting there waiting.

Buying the ore

So found some cheap auctions of ghost iron ore. Using 100 in this case because it is a easy number to work off of.

96 Stacks and 4 Stacks

96 Stacks X 23g 60s = 2265.6
4 Stacks x 24g             = 96

So basically, our MINIMAL goal is to get back to 2361.6

Anything more of this, it is profit.
Though one could look at the economic profit, but that is not an issue playing world of warcraft. We are going for an accounting profit, and WILL achieve that.

I Spent all my Gold on ore… Now what?

So I usually dont do this one bag load, but for this occasion I am. Cleaned out my bags, and was able to stuff 2000 ore on my back. Impressive.

How much can you lift bro?

So, now you’re probably asking; WTF are these sick addons this white boy is using.

Well for my auctioning and shit I have downloaded the whole Trade Skill Naster Package. I use every add-on with it, they make the whole process SO much easier. I recommend this x 10000


Big use of it is the Destroyer section, this allows to prospect a TON easier, I bind it to my button F so I just sit here reading my text book or whatever, pressing F every one second.

Here is the macro, that I use along with the TSM Destroy. TSM Destory operates as a tracker, so you can see what you’ve prospected etc.

/cast Prospecting
/click TSMDestroyingButton1

So I have auto loot turned on, this way I don’t have to click on the item my ore turned into. This is turned on in the Interface section. You should be able to find it. Don’t be useless.\

The other Add-on I use is called ARK Inventory, you can seperate your bags to different categories, keeps things a little more organized and you can see what you have as you go on.


Next, is to start Prospecting it. Like said above, get a good book, or whatever and prospect away. It takes a little while, and can be depressing seeing a ton of green gems pop up. Be Patient You’ll see.

…… 10 minutes later

Finished prospecting now, producing a decent result of gems.
I’ll show you the profit (if any) of just selling everything straight back on the AH.
I do not recommend doing this with everything, as the undercuts on the raw produce is very common and quick. You have to babysit very well in order to sell the gems. Especially the green gems.
I’ll show what I do with everything just wait.

Resulting in!

So I got a decent amount of blues (the basic money makers) a ton of sparkling shards, which turned into like 48 Serpent’s Eye. I wouldn’t recommend selling this just as is. They can be used to craft nice ilvl 450 Neck/Rings.
This is the current value of everything if we were to just sell it on the ah. I’ll keep the prices going as we go down this guide. See where you want to stop, based on availability of professions.

Rare Gem Price

So the prices right now are mediocre. They could be higher, but with the ever decreasing cost of Ghost Iron Ore, It is only ones expectation that these will also fall. Though you can get lucky, and with someone buying say the Panther Mounts, they will buy out all the blues, then you are able to sell for 250g each. Which is huge profit.

Uncommon Gem price

So, I’ve never just sold uncommon gems as is. There is a much much more profitable way to use these, especially when you look at a Return/Time at selling these. What I do with these instead is craft them into Ornate Band and Shadowfire Necklace

  • Wild Jade X 14 @ 95g = 1330g
  • Imperial Amethyst X 22 @ 85g = 1870g
  • Sun’s Radiance X 12 @ 32g = 384g
  • Vermilion Onyx X 16 @ 125g = 2000g
  • Primordial Ruby X 11 @ 74g = 814g
  • River’s Heart X 11 @ 34g = 374g
  • This Equals = 6772 g. Minus our cost of 2361 equals a profit of;
  • 4411 Gold Profit. Just on Rare Gems.

I’m not going to list the price of the Uncommon gems, it is not substantial enough to compare with the rare gems.

But this isn’t good enough, if we are going through this much work just to sell blue gems, our profit/time margin is not significant enough.

Now comes down to what you choose to do with these gems.
As shown, it is a pretty substantial profit to just sell these gems, but instead (if you have a transmute spec alchemist) I like to take the Wild Jade, Imperial Amythyst, and Vermilion Onyx, and then transmute them into Primal Diamonds.

Selling the Cut Primal Diamonds sells for 797 g to 1799 g for one.
Meaning the cost of the 6 gems needed to make 1 is;

  • 2 Wild Jade @ 190g
  • 2 Vermilion Onyx @ 250g
  • 2 Imperial Amythyst at 170g
  • = 610g for 1 Primal Diamond

The best part of doing this is that you have the chance to proc extras when you are a transmute spec. So ill go ahead and make 7 Primal Diamonds, using up all the wild jade then 14 of vermilion onyx and imperial amythst.

This is taking a cost of 1330 + 1750 + 1190 = 4270 Cost

Producing 9 Primal Diamonds which I will cut into the highest selling, quickest turnaround metas.

+2 Bonus !

So I went and cut these 9 gems into the highest price, one thing to be concerned about here is to make sure that you always have the cheapest auction. These take a little longer to sell, and usually sell a lot more during the early week; Tuesday Wednesday, then on peak time during Fridays and Saturdays. It is up to your discretion whether or not to just sell the gems as is.


Doing just simple adding it shows we will be making; ~ 8900 g with a cost of using these 42 gems at 4270, it gives us an extra profit of 4630.

Which is more than you paid on the ghost iron its self.

So lets recap, and see how much profit we are sitting on currently.

6722 From Prospecting – 4270 Transmute to Primal Diamond + 8900 =11352 Gold Made – 2361 Cost = 8991 Profit So Far

The next step is to create some Rings and Necklaces which we can sell on the AH, especially since a lot of people are still leveling toons, ilvl 450 gear is very attractive to be able to get into heroics and lfr.

Since we didn’t add in the costs of uncommon gems, I price them out as basically just vendor trash, which is 75 silver each. Abissmal cost. Serpents eyes cost about 5g on my server. So once again, vendor trash. Not useful selling even when you have 50.

Ill show you the necklaces/rings that have the quickest turnaround time when using the serpent’s eye.

Bought 200 Jewelers Setting for about 200g. You may or not may use all of these, just hate having to come back to the bloody seller.

Uncommon Gem Necklace/Ring

These are the necklaces that use the Green/Uncommon Gems. The market value of these 4 fluctuates from 80g each to all the way 600g+
Currently The price of these 4 is as follows;

Huge Profits

So looking at this we are able to make at least 1205. Which would have been about 100g MAX if we weren’t to do this with these gems.

Add this onto our 8991 gives us a new profit of 10196.

Lookin pretty good so far.

Now you have a choice of either selling just the rare gems or else cutting them into their respective ring or necklace. I like to make at least 1 of each necklace, depends on the profit margin though. They are a bit less in a rush to sell.

I’ll go ahead and make a couple more necklaces and post which ones I made for today.

So So Profits

So looking at this, it is not as substantial of profit as the uncommon necklace/rings but I decided to do it just to show the point and possibility of certain rings.
Looking at this we will bring in 1788. But we have a cost to come with this = 450 gold. ( 2 of red, yellow, blue, purple gems )
Meaning our new profit is 1388. Still really good!

Adding this to our 10196 = 11584

We are slowly getting to the finish line.

Our last task is to use that enchanter I listed at the beginning of this post.
So far we have made quite a substantial profit, and if you can do this every day, which is easily possible. You can get capped out in no time.


So what to do with all those left over uncommon gems….
Were going to use those 200 Jewelcrafter shit I bought earlier and craft Ornate Band and Shadowfire Necklace.

Ill show you the que.

A lot of DE

So, these come at almost NO cost to me. I like to say 2g a necklace, meaning this can potentially cost us 360g? Very Very usueless number when you see how much gold this produces.\

So ill go ahead crafting these rings and necklaces and mailing them as I go to my enchanter.

I will keep the blue quality necklaces and rings in my bag and see what they are currently selling for in the ah. As they can sometimes reach 500+ each. (Level 85 Twinks ETC)

So I like to put one of each I get, as even 50g is a nice profit. Though I do appreciate turn around time, and these take the longest to sell. But the possibility of a income amount at; 2293. Again no cost to us.

Bringing our new total too: 13877

Disenchanting 200 Items

Now to disenchant all those green necklace and rings that we sent to our DE’R
We will then use those materials to craft scrolls for enchants.

Macro I use is;

#showtooltip Disenchant
/cast Disenchant
/click TSMDestroyingButton1

Will post results after this tiresome process.

So with these I will make a lot of Mysterious Essence, which takes 5 Spirit Dust, then Make Ethereal Shards which makes Mysterious Essence.

What to do first is to first set a que of enchants that you want to make.

Sample Que of what Enchants you can make.

So this is what i usually choose to make for enchants. Ethereal Shards are the most expensive to make and use the most materials, but the enchants do sell for more. Glorious stats and pandarens step usually sell the quickest, along side with windsong and such.

So ill go ahead and make my choosen enchants, not sure if itll use up all the matts, ill try to get the most of them used up so we can get the most accurate of profit.

This is what I ended up making, you will notice you will get a ton of spirit dust, make sure you change 5 of them into Mysterious Essence, then if you need more Ethereal Shards, to change 5 Mysterious Essence into them. Basically use up all the materials you produced.

Enchants on the AH

I made multiples of each one, so here is what the gold income if all enchants sold at this price.

  • Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats @ 119 x 6 = 714
  • Enchant Chest – Superior Stamina @ 24 😦 x 2 = 48
  • Enchant Gloves – Superior Mastery @ 276 x 2 = 552
  • Enchant Off Hand – Major Intellect @ 145 x 3 = 435
  • Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step @ 74 x  6 = 444
  • Enchant Gloves – Superior Expertise @ 241 x 2 = 482
  • Enchant Weapon – Colossus @ 297 x 1 = 297
  • Enchant Weapon – Windsong @ 243 x 4 = 972
  • Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect @ 56 x 3 = 168
  • Enchant Cloak – Superior Critical @ 98 x 1 = 98

Gives us a total intake of  4210

Bringing our new PROFIT to 18027

Yes you are reading that right. Spending ~2300 on Ghost Iron Ore, will leave you with a measly Eighteen Thousand and Twenty Seven Gold Profit.

Now you can argue saying prices are skewed or whatever troll remark you can come up with.

But through practice and experience, this seems about right. Some prices seem high, while others feel low. The market will always be equal, this takes practice of when to buy and when to sell.
But it pays off in the end.

I will update this as I find errors, but please feel free to comment on if this was successful for you.

But for now, I am out.


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Little Monday Joke

Silly man, Articus has only one spawn point.


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Gold Capped <3

So, as many of my loyal readers know I’ve been working really hard to reach this landmark. I did it.

I’m in the process of writing an in depth guide ON exactly what I did.

But for now, screenshot.

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Pandaria Quartermasters

Quickly Posting a map of where the respective quartermasters are;



Now for the Vale of Eternal Blossom Quartermasters

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Lorewalker Scrolls Achievement/Mount in 30 Minutes

So previously I just posted the locations of each achievement, and their respective scrolls. I’m taking it one step further and plotting them on a map for you, color coordinating it and also labeling it.

EDIT**** So after a few comments I will be putting the Typed out names for each achievement, underneath the picture. So if you are looking for a certain one just type CTRL + F and type in the specific sub category of the  achievement. It’ll bring it up, then just look on the map, and WALA.
Will make the post a bit longer, but I feel that this will in turn make everything easier for all of you. *****

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

This is what you’re looking for:


This is what you will be rewarded with at the completion of all the quests.

Red Flying Disc

Just Start in a zone and do the flight path YOU think is the quickest. I could write the way I’d do it but lots of people with dissagree, so i’m leaving it to your discretion.

Vale of Eternal Blossom

Vale of Eternal Blossom

Always Remember – 52,68 Together, We Are Strong –  26,21
The Thunder King –  40,77  The Emperor’s Burden – Part 8 – 68,44

Kun Lai Summit

Kun-Lai Summit

The Emperor’s Burden – Part 6 –  67,48  The Emperor’s Burden – Part 7 –41,42
Yaungoil – 71,62 Yaungol Tactics –  50,79 Valley of Emperers – 53,46
Note – Valley of Emperors is within a subzone. Above is the entrance, and within it it is at 58,71
The Hozen Ravage –  45,61 Role Call –  74,83 Victory in Kun-Lai –  63,40

Townlong Steepes

Townlong Steepes

The Emperor’s Burden – Part 5 – 37,62 Dominance –  65,49
Trapped in a Strange Land –  84,72

Dread Wastes

Dread Wastes

Amber – 52,10 Cycle of the Mantid – 48,32 Mantid Society –  59,55
The Empress –  35,32 The Deserters –  67,60

Valley of the Four Winds

Valley of the Four Winds

Pandaren Fighting Tactics – 18,31 A Most Famous Bill of Sale – 55,47
The Birthplace of Liu Lang –  20,55 Wondering Widow –  34,63
Waterspeakers –  61,34 Embracing the Passion –  83,21

Krasarang Wilds

Last Stand

Krasarang Wilds

Waiting for the Turtle – 72,30 Last Stand –32,29 Origins – 30,38
Hozen Maturity –  52,87 The Lost Dynasty –  50,31
The Emperor’s Burden – Part 4 –  40,56

Jade Forest

Jade Forest

The First Monks –  35,30 The Saurok – 67,29 Watersmithing – 65,87
Hozen Speech –26,28 Spirit Binders –  42,17
The Emperor’s Burden Part 1 –  47,45 The Emperor’s Burden – Part 3 – 55,56

The Veiled Stair


Veiled Stair

The Defiant – The Veiled Stair – 54,15

After you are done all the achievements. (Make sure you check them, in the Exploration-Pandarian Section) You will have to go to a mail box and retrieve the quest items you get from each achievement. Turn them in to the person about Mogu’Shan Palace, and wala exalted.

I found if you have a guild banner, drop it down you should get exalted with a couple of quests to spare.

Each quest gives you a ~5 minute debuff so make sure you have something else to occupy your time while you turn them in.

If you are a paladin, I read divine shield works to avoid a debuff, though I have not tested it myself.

I hope you enjoyed this, took me a while to write it all out. I know its not perfect. If you notice some of the dots are completely off, let me know and I will fix it immediately.

For now, Good Day!


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Camel Horder

So I know it is a expansion old, but this fucking thing evaded me like a … ninja? Anyways I finally got it after about 13 duds, which may not seem like a lot, but even to find a dud was fucking longg.

Weeks between the camel figurines came and went.

But I got it now. Thanks!

Camel Horder!

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Pandaran Daily Quest


So I updated the Map a little bit, found some daily quests for Golden Lotus. But you first have to do the starting quest chain at the east temple in Kun-Lai.

Working on the Shado-Pen daily unlocks, but you first have to be revered with Golden Lotus.

To start most of these dailys you pick the quests up at Shrine of the seven stars.

Let me know which daily quest or which reputation you are working on getting exalted with first!

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Holy Fuck Aeonaxx too!

Am I ever the luckiest person alive.
As soon as I found Time Lost Proto Drake, I immediately started camping Aeonaxx spawn too!

Did some research and saw that there were 3 main spawn locations, though as you will read later below I didn’t need to put as much effort in as I did.

I had my buddy camp the north location, my one account camp the location right next to Stonecore ***** CAMP THIS ONE! Then I had another of my accounts camp the south east spawn.


Top right Look at mini map. PLACE TO CAMP

So thats the most important camp sight. BECAUSE, when the little fucker spawned. All 3 of my accounts / campers had their NPC scan go off.

There she was, floating right around Stonecore like the countless people say they found her at.

blah blah blah. Took me about 30 hours? A lot friendlier than a bunch of stories I read.

But simple, make sure NPC Scan is cleared.

Camp near stonecore  little south to be nice.

Start up xbox, and turn your computer speakers up!


Have any interesting stories about these last 2 mounts SHOW!

Since me and Catalyia share accounts. BAZINGA! Sorry Ray

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