I’m back.

So, I’ve still been playing this tremendous game, daily, hourly. I just haven’t really had the necessary urge to broadcast my opinions, or other worthy some information with you lovely, loyal readers.

Now, what have I been up too since my last post?

Still making gold, spent a lot. Made a bit, although not as much as I wish I could.
The server has gone severely downhill, and I mean DRASTICALLY, downhill. There are times where I am the only one in Stormwind (it seems).

I’ve played a lot of flex raids, challenge modes, lfrs, and gearing of many, many toons. 11 90’s, but I mainly focus on about 6 or so of them. The DK and Priest both have cloaks, couple others are a ways a way. I’ve purchased a couple sweet, bad-ass mounts. A long with finishing some super sweet transmogs that I’ll share with you guys in the coming days. 

I’ll share with you some of the other cool shit that I’ve came across during my leave of absence from this blog. I appreciate the feedback I’ve received on a couple of my previous posts. Have a good day as always!


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