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150k on Dreadnaught Pauldrons

So, I decided to spend some gold…. I liked the look of them.

I always wonder why Puff wasn’t in that truck.

Motha fuckas killed Biggie.


150k haha

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Little Monday Joke

Silly man, Articus has only one spawn point.


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Quick Shaman Update

Here is my newest transmog for my resto gear on my shaman.

Gold, Slutty, Cheap? 2k gold maybe?


Good deal..


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Hunter Transmog

So I have a constant need to change the transmog’s on my characters.
Recent investment to buy the Mulgore Hatchling to go with the set worked out perfectly.
Let me know what you think.

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Shaman Transmog, maybe druid?

So, I decided this past weekend that playing a Male Cow, ruined one aspect of the game for me. You cant transmog anything on them for fuckin shits.

Nothing slutty, nothing Sweet looking.

Even the Teir 1 and 2 sets looked fuckin gay on a male shaman.

Maybe the hunter heroic gear looks kinda cool. I don’t know.

So, yeah, of course, their is tons of sweet mail looking gear for transmog.

Luckily the girlfriend had i think the sundered set in her bank?
Sweet Deal. Lemme know if you like the transmog.

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Finally got a new pet!

So I’ve been putting away and keep pushing it off to the side about trying to get jadefang, mainly because I thought their would be a ton of people trying to get him because of his gay companion.
But I saw someone with him in the auction house and flew out to his spawn point in deepholm.

Luckily the daily quest you need was there.

Underground something or fucking another

Hes pretty sweet looking, Tenancity pet, so I probably won’t use him very much, just for show.

Screen shot below.


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My Characters Armory. All 10 bbg

So I haven’t actually listed a list of all my 85’s on Moonrunner.

So while I was updating my live stream profile I thought I’d post all my signatures onto here.

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All Finished


1 85 of every Class.
Warlock was the absolute worst haha
But he is finally 85 and I’ve decided to go destruction ? I think that’s the best right now.

Demonology looks fun though ! We’ll see.

Ill post what I do when I figure it out.

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The Death of Deth’tilac

Completed Step 2 of my Pet collection Process.
Managed to get all 5 spiders in a 24 hour time Frame, Would have been a lot quicker if a stupid horde warrior didn’t kill the yellow 1 while I was taming it.
Anyways I uploaded a video of the purple beast getting tammed, Check it out!


Look at the below Post for pictures of the rest of my pets, including the 5 spiders.


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The Magnificent Deth'tilac

















King Krush

So, that is all my pets. Tell me your favorite 🙂 so far the hardest one to get has been the stupid Spider, all my gear was RED by the time i got through with him, but it was me just being lazy and not looking what to do.

And keep in mind the following, I didnt start collecting pets till I dinged 85.

So i’m writing this on the Morning of March 12. 7 Days to collect all these pets isn’t bad If you ask me.

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