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An Even 8 85s



So, dinged my 8th, yep 8th 85. I’m almost to the 10 milestone.
Don’t mind the shitty all over the place, no keybinds, ui. Its leveling. Ill take a picture of it now, and you’ll be like umadbro? Touche. ┬áIt was a grind, those tough 5 levels. Ugh, (for those who read my first post, you’ll understand why I only had to level 5 levels)

I decided to go Fire/Arcane. Arcane is stupid easy? I think, 2 button rotation, so fire will be a nice change of scenario. The tough thing now is be able to get a ilvl 372, A LONG way from that, but that’s okay, a day or too to say the least.

Gots to gos keel ez mode boss3s, NO heroic modes tonight. Sorry QQ

I’ll still record perhaps maybe deathwing?

Luv yas qt pie5

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