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4 Priest Vomits

So I haven’t made a post in awhile, so I thought i’d let you all know what the fuck I’ve been up too. Well I got my second Destroyer’s End title on the priest. Had to reforge everything from shadow to holy, its pretty fun actually.

The mastery stat is actually pretty good once you get a lot of it.
I’m contemplating the 4 piece for Holy, correct me if I’m wrong but PW Shield, if there is another Disc Priest in the raid, their PW Shield is a lot more powerful than mine.
Or some Bullshit like that,

I think Ill pass on it?

Who knows.

Let me know? I’ve only raided shadow so I’m not sure what to do.



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My First use of Fraps

Welcome All!

So, this is my first attempt using fraps, and I did it on the stupid character. I hate my shadow priest, but whatever.
Don’t mind a couple parts where my buddy is talking and stuff, I guess fraps happens to pick up Skype calls? Neato.
Friday, I will probably be doing Heroic Morchok… Hopefully, if all goes well I will screen record that and then we can all see heroic morchok! get some 403 GEAR BEEACCHES!

If your going to take the time out of your busy day to watch it


and if you know how to make videos compress, but still stay high quality with windows live movie maker. Please comment ❤

Night Friendly Wow Players

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