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Quick Shaman Update

Here is my newest transmog for my resto gear on my shaman.

Gold, Slutty, Cheap? 2k gold maybe?


Good deal..


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Shaman Transmog, maybe druid?

So, I decided this past weekend that playing a Male Cow, ruined one aspect of the game for me. You cant transmog anything on them for fuckin shits.

Nothing slutty, nothing Sweet looking.

Even the Teir 1 and 2 sets looked fuckin gay on a male shaman.

Maybe the hunter heroic gear looks kinda cool. I don’t know.

So, yeah, of course, their is tons of sweet mail looking gear for transmog.

Luckily the girlfriend had i think the sundered set in her bank?
Sweet Deal. Lemme know if you like the transmog.

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Teaching you the Shaman ways

So I know I asked you guys how to play a enhance shaman. And with the plentiful mount of help I got in return I decided to share with you my results, with the shitty gear that I have, I manage to pull 20k sustained over like 6 million on training DUMMY, as you can see in the below pictures.

I have 2 piece t 12 and 2 piece t 13 LFR.
My weapons are the shit. No landslide enchants, but that’s cause I cant win anything .

Here’s my screen shots






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Bull Shaman

So, I recently leveled my Shaman to 85, from 80 of course. Thank you recruit a friend.

He pretty much sucks, I’m enhance right now and I absolutly hate that blank period where your waiting for storm-strike to get off cd or whatever.

WHATEVER, excuses are excuses.
22k dps 372 ilvl or someshit right now.
Itll get better, he just looks bad ass when he attacks.

Any suggestions?

-Running In-
Unleash Elements
Flame Shock
Lava Lash

Then Lightning bolt on 5 stacks

Rinse repeat?