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A bliss

So, I havent been doing much on this game lately, just trying to grind out professions on all my toons. Complete the useless time consuming shit while i have the next 4 or 5 days off before I stop getting paid to play wow.

Good by EI.

Hello Epcor.

Im on a bridge on if im going to hate it completely like last year, or if maybe it might be better.
I know what im going into.

Expect the worst, prayin for the best.

haha nigga lyrics.

Gonna make dolla dolla bills, maybe ill buy a bau5555555 laptop.
I want a macbook pro, windows laptops piss me off, I played on one for the longest time in Lich King, what a fucking nightmare.

I did sign up for the annual pass. So I wont be leaving this game anytime soon haha.

Im excited for D3, and i really want to try out the MoP beta, maybe my invite will come one day?


I dont even know if I have a cool screenshot to put at the end of this post. Its coming soon.

Im up to 285k gold now. Fuck its too easy, you dont even have to try like you used to.

Everyone is sooo retarded when it comes to buying and selling shit ahah.

My guild is getting better and better now, level 9 and a half. GG to 2’s and dungeons, and rays daily quests.

He has done mad recruting, soo its good.

Maybe we will be able to do a DS 10 guild raid :O

or atleast like magmaw or some shit haha.

Im out for a bit.



Thoughts are written down, Ideas are created.

-Stoned Dillon



look at how bad alliance raped them. never happens

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Random Choppers PT.2

4 BROS. Jeff your lucky

Love it?

Hate it?

Follow Me Anyways


Last place, wins the race

Marco Polo


Spent a few thousand gold on getting Sir Keenismean, and Madam 😛 Rayacuno to 372 Ilvl so we could do the LFR together. With the addition of some HoT heroics and JP gear they were each doing persay 15 or so dps on a boss.

Thats fucking good enough for LFR standards. Well lemme fuckin tell you, Keenismean (big brayden) succeeded and didn’t finish last. blah blah blah end of story as you can guess. Ray finished last 😛 He won the mark of cunning. He finished close to last next boss. Won Teir Gloves. Finished 15th on Hagara. Won Shoulders.

Mean while, me and Bray Bray didn’t win fucking SHIT.

What is this? Just a coincidence?

But now they have more gear and on the second half. they were both never below 12th. They stepped their shit up.

Brayden got the Bow of Dw. Now hes a green monster with a monster ass bow. Youll see in the picture.

We are gonna spam man the handy man dan to uncle franks dank a milk shake do heroics tomorrow.

Ill show ya the deets.


(These 2 didnt have any idea that they would be playing wow at level 85 doing raids and shit 2 months ago)

HA Teacher Dillon at his best



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Valentines Baby

So, another stupid holiday boss is over, and my main nukka did not get his disgusting oozling that he was so despretly wanting. The only good thing about this stupid holiday is that pink mount on the post below, I managed to fork up 2 of them, one I equipped on my mount collector, than the other I am going to try and sell in a couple months. I mean its a simple 10k gold at least right now.


I am in the means of trying to upload a couple more raid videos but that gosh darn youtube throttles my internet connection to make it SLOTH SLOW. For like a random 140 minutes? Currently trying to google if there is a way around it.

Last night raided twice, Holy Pally Donair killed 7/8 but we coldnt kill DW because of the stupid bug where the winds don’t pick you up.

I raid lead with my sister and a couple friends, nothing serious, but we did get 6/8 done, with a couple people never doing the raid before on 10 man. Spine will be done next week I hope.
A TON of vanquisher gear dropped, but me being the nice foak you all know passed on some and gave it to others. I did get a chest, and then 3 essance of destructions that I sell for my guild bank.

Free repairs ❤

Level 2 Relapse For life baby


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