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All Finished


1 85 of every Class.
Warlock was the absolute worst haha
But he is finally 85 and I’ve decided to go destruction ? I think that’s the best right now.

Demonology looks fun though ! We’ll see.

Ill post what I do when I figure it out.

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9 85s

Grinded my hunter to 85 today. Just a warlock left. Then finished!

Im wanting to find all the spirit beasts, but fuck is that boring.

I actually found the one in Twillight Highlands today as I was leveling, then realized that I had to be 85 to tame him. So I, being the nice brother, logged onto my brothers hunter, respecced him into beast mastery, then tammed him his very first spirit beast. He was pretty stoked.

Lucky Fuck…


I went survival because its retard easy, made my 4 pieces of 377 pvp gear, the 2 rings, kneck piece, boe 397 wrist and boot, then got my 353 item level and am able to do the Hour of Twillight heroics. Was going to try and get the 372 to do LFR, but fuck lfr on a monday. What would you expect.

Raymond and Brayden are getting good at this game.

Im making him power level herbalism, and he fucking hates it.

I reached 190k gold.

Love you

9 85s


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An Even 8 85s



So, dinged my 8th, yep 8th 85. I’m almost to the 10 milestone.
Don’t mind the shitty all over the place, no keybinds, ui. Its leveling. Ill take a picture of it now, and you’ll be like umadbro? Touche.  It was a grind, those tough 5 levels. Ugh, (for those who read my first post, you’ll understand why I only had to level 5 levels)

I decided to go Fire/Arcane. Arcane is stupid easy? I think, 2 button rotation, so fire will be a nice change of scenario. The tough thing now is be able to get a ilvl 372, A LONG way from that, but that’s okay, a day or too to say the least.

Gots to gos keel ez mode boss3s, NO heroic modes tonight. Sorry QQ

I’ll still record perhaps maybe deathwing?

Luv yas qt pie5

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Mass Leveling?

Sooo, I think the easiest thing in this world, by world, I mean World of Warcraft, Is leveling a character. I know most of you are like wow, is this fucker for real. Yep, I am. My solution you may ask? Well Recruit a Friend!!! Not much of surprise, but it is actually the simplest, easiest thing in the game. Though, now comes the nerdy fact; My house or family, has 3 wow accounts. Brother, Sister, and Me. Which is very helpful, I convinced the amazing girlfriend, Yes I actually do have a girlfriend. To start playing wow, She was my first recruit account. She has 1 85 Death knight, and then 3 or 4 80s. I then convinced my buddy to start playing, and had my brothers account recruit him. So right now… I am playing 5 accounts at once.
Figure the math out