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Two Hundred Thousand

So, I hit another new milestone today, well actually yesterday, but I decided to buy another epic epic flying for my shaman.

I was at 204 before I did that,

Dropped down to 198

Now back to 200 baby!

dolla dolla signs


A couple weeks ago I posted a picture with i think 150 or 160 k ?

Since then I just casually made gold everyday. buying low, selling high etc etc. UNTILL RECENTLY.

Prices on inferno rubys plummeted the past week or so, and so did carnelians. so I paid 20g each for carnelians, then had heartblossom in my bank, mailed it to my sisters transmute alchemist, and made about 65 or so inferno rubys, a couple 5 procs and a lot of 2 procs.

Then sold them for anywhere between 150-220 gold a gem.

Profited I think 8k? In a day that is.

Not bad ­čśÇ

While I was typing this I found Skarr, and Kirix in molten front.




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