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Waste of Beta

So I finally got in the beta, and what a waste of time.
I haven’t really done anything on it besides make a panda monk.

I can’t seem to figure out what the fuck to do as Brewmaster,

Went and tried to attack 2 guys but that didnt play out to well.
Any tips? websites that tell me where to put the talents and what fucking buttons i have to face roll with. Yadiyadiyadi.

I’m still working away, fucking painful yeah, its life.

I’ve been getting a lot of views from a country far far away.

That is be called Netherlands. Weird…

Whatcha lookin at folks? Any questions or comments?

Need some social networking on this blog, don’t be scared to comment.


I haven’t really raided much on anyone HXC, nor have i lead any raid groups since the 20 percent buff was released. I think we could clear it quickly.

I’m still stuck on hagara on my pally, the guild is crumbling.
Love them though, just hate wipping and shit ya dig cuz?

What have you guys been doing in the countdown to the end of this terrible expansion.

Oh and I have really been enjoying 2v2 PVP

I havent streamed lately, but check out my past videos

Youll like them I guarantee





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