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Holy Fuck Aeonaxx too!

Am I ever the luckiest person alive.
As soon as I found Time Lost Proto Drake, I immediately started camping Aeonaxx spawn too!

Did some research and saw that there were 3 main spawn locations, though as you will read later below I didn’t need to put as much effort in as I did.

I had my buddy camp the north location, my one account camp the location right next to Stonecore ***** CAMP THIS ONE! Then I had another of my accounts camp the south east spawn.


Top right Look at mini map. PLACE TO CAMP

So thats the most important camp sight. BECAUSE, when the little fucker spawned. All 3 of my accounts / campers had their NPC scan go off.

There she was, floating right around Stonecore like the countless people say they found her at.

blah blah blah. Took me about 30 hours? A lot friendlier than a bunch of stories I read.

But simple, make sure NPC Scan is cleared.

Camp near stonecore  little south to be nice.

Start up xbox, and turn your computer speakers up!


Have any interesting stories about these last 2 mounts SHOW!

Since me and Catalyia share accounts. BAZINGA! Sorry Ray

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Time Lost Proto Drake; How I got it.

So, as you all know, TLPD (Time Lost Proto Drake) was a very rare, infact SUPER rare mob in Storm Peaks, that drops the illusive mount, of his skin.

Now to get this mount while Lich King was the current expansion, was a huge bragging feat.
Even today, to see someone with the mount, is pretty “Wow”.

Now in the next paragraph or 2 I explain my Method on attaining him. Though I did get pretttty f’n lucky.


Map and Camp Points

Since the server population is a little low, I only had to compete with 1 or 2 people also looking for the mount at a time. Though it can be a bit frustrating, camping in a spot only to have the mob spawn at the location your competitor is sitting at.

The approach I took, was make sure you have something else to fucking do while you wait!
I played a solid 10 hours of NHL 12 waiting for my _NPCScan to go off.

Speaking of which, make sure you download _NPCScan and _NPCScan Overlay. As these will be tremendously helpful.
I also made a macro that was for both of the Spawns

/target time
/tart vyra
/stopmacro [noexists]
/tell Dillzy > %t <

Very simple, I just clicked this as I’d go, kind of a backup, in case that add on bugs out.

I did a lot of research on the spawn timer, and most common spawn locations.

From what I read, and what I experienced it is between 6-8 hours between spawns of either the 2 mobs.

Now, unless I forgot something this is what I experienced camping for him.
I picked my mage to camp, easiest to get there, slowfall, and had mining, so Killed some time mining.

Me and my friend killed Vyragosa at about 1130 pm “Friday” I wasnt going to get up at 6 am to find a stupid pixel creature, lol.
But I did log on around 12pm “Saturday” nothing, nothing nothing.
Constantly flying back and forth between camp points, I would sit at either of the red circles for no more than 10 minutes at a time. I read that the most common spawn point of Time Lost him/her self was the one above the village, where all the blue dragons fly around.

So that was my main focus for camp/check points.

The location in which I found Vyragosa was in the valley next to the Fairie bitches, she was flying east.

Yadda Yadda Yadddddda.

Around 4 ish “Saturday” while I was making dinner I went downstairs to check to see if the NPC went off.

And ultra surpisingly it did! Quickly targeted him, did a quick /who saw there was 1 other 85 in here.

He was right where I was camping, where the blue proto drakes are, just north of the village. He was flying North along that “path”.

Went to the fucker, dismounted, ice lance, slow fall. Landed Frostbolted the guy! WIN! WIN! WIN!

By this time I was shakin like a mo’fucka, but I couldn’t believe it only took me no less than 24 hours to get the beast!

Anyways that’s all.

Just fly back and forth between the 4 circles, and camp at the furthest east one.

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Seems like its been fucking forever since I made a post.

My last one on my transmog sets TOOK OFF.

Brought me in a ton of views, and a lot of weird search terms. Creeps.

“Slutty human pally transmog”
Pretty much all has to do with slutty. Anyways, thats alllll good in my books.

I’ve been working on a couple more transmogs too. I’m loving the Teir 1 Sets so i’ve been farming them on most of the toons. Priest is the only one that is completed. But I will make a post of that soon once a couple more are completed.


Anyways, to the meat of this post. There hasn’t been anything to do on wow, at all, just play with the girlfriend and hopefully 1 more person logs on to do guild dungeons, so while i wait and shit. I’ve been owning the JC market on my realm.

I’ve made 70k gold in a month. I think?

I bought myself Sandstone Drake when i hit 320.

But now i hit 350 Tonight. I KNOW SCREENshot or it didnt happen. But that is below, so 1- Dillon 0- Trolls.

Try again please.

I know i know you are all thinking, 350k gold. HOLY Fuck, Imagine what you would do on your meesly 2 level 85s with 350k gold.

I dont even know what to do with it.

My only goal is to hit 1 Million gold, now thats a fucking milestone.

anyways, gotta go to bed. working in the real life sucks, if only i could make dollas like I make gold hey?


350k Gold. Jelly?

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CTC Macro

Just posting the macro for CTC Cap. So I myself, dont have to constantly google the fucking thing

/run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: “..string.format(“%.2f”, GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance() +5))

What is this you ask? Combat Table Coverage.

What the fuck is that now?

Well basically in short form it is…..

For Paladins, Warriors it is 102.4 and for Druids and DKs it is 101.8.
Since the stupid druids and dks dont have that “block stat” that warriors/paladins love, they can’t hit the ctc cap. Sorry 😦

BUT what the ctc cap basically means is whether or not the boss is going to crushing blow, crits, hits, blocked or completely missed.
Higher the number you have the better 🙂

Once you hit 102.4 you will block/dodge/parry or the boss will miss EVERY attack, yep everyone :D:D
So that is your goal as a paladin or warrior.

Reforge to hit the block cap, then make sure your parry/dodge are realistically the same percent, then make sure you reforge out of every hit/expertise fuck whatever stat that doesnt help you avoid to reach the cap.

Before you go running out and gem and reforging everything make sure to take into consideration all the buffs that you get in a raid, food buffs, kings, totems, horn of winter/battle shout. Then you can make yourself hit it.

Once you hit the cap. Well what else do you think you should stack?

Does your threat lack? probably not.
Do you want to hit 200k unbuffed? probably yup.

So there it is, this was typed in the midst of wiping on heroic al’akir or whatever. Yeah were still wiping on that shit. Its harder than any boss in DS 10 IMO

Please ask me a question if you think i fucked up.

Bye for now


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So I finally decided to grind the last 25 levels of enchanting, quick and easy. I needed the landslide enchant, SO SICK of tipping people for that shit.
The 5 points that I got for that runed elementium rod, makes it super easy. Costs like 1000 gold for the mats, or if your a hoarder, you should have it all in your bank alt.
Now I do not have to look for a stupid enchanter ever again. Still need to do another profession on the pally, but I dont know which one. I HAVE TOOOO MANY!
So basically the way I did it was

500-505 Hit to bracers, Its the cheapest one to get you the 5 points
505-510 Couple you can do, but if the potions are cheap on the AH i’d recommend http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74236 
510-515 Craft enchants that use 3 Greater Essences  or whatever. Spirit to Bracers, Mastery to boots. Those are the 2 I made
515-520 Runed Elementium Rod. You get 5 skill ups. Easy Easy
520-525 Maelstrom shatter. If you needed to buy the Crystals off the ah, my economy is lucky. Its like 190 for maelstorm and like 90 for Shards. So your losing like 10 gold if your wanting to sell everything. (Which I DONT reccomend, Stock pile that shit nukka)

There you have it, now buy all the 5 Maelstrom patterns and wait and see people looking for that enchant.

Tomorrows Tuesday…. Great -_-

Bye ❤

525... GG


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