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i hate heroic modes

So, the last 2 nights I’ve spent it wiping on heroic modes… yes even with a 10 percent buff. We’ve killed morchok, duh, and ultraxion, duh. We spent all last night on Yor’sajgofuckurself boss,  the lowest we got to was 40 something percent. Yeah weak fuckin donair sauce. mmm donairs.
Why the fuck don’t you yankees know what a donair is?

I sit in my raid and get called donair blah blah blah, i think its fuckin hilarious, I have even said last Friday, i am enjoying this DELICIOUS donair, they’re all like uhh, what? … wow its not even in the dictionary.

kai, but aniwhoo…
I downloaded and changed my whole ui for this fuckin fight, and the tank still kept getting hit like a absolute wrecking bomb. Hes geared too…
spam divine light, holy light, the hunters pet etc etc! and nope. LOH to the rescue… once.


anyways my rant is I personally think that that, is the worst fight blizzard has designed, and that’s saying a lot. There has been some shiiitttty boss fights. Heroic Lady Deathwhisper was one of them but  this tops it by far!

Anyways, leave you all on a friendly note. Changed my guilds tabard cause they were sick of the red and black or whatever.

Whattaaayaa think about et?

the picture doesnt show. lol

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Stone Rumbles


I approve this message before hand.


I got to raid on my pally’s guilds main group. Yikes are they good. 1 shot Heroic Morchok, did normal the next 3, then 2nd attempt was the guild first downing of Heroic Ultraxion. I think its cause I was there right?
But I mean 50k healing per second each. Pally and a Druid, that’s bonkers. Super fun, but it was sloppy, and I didn’t record the attempt because I was convinced it would take a couple more tries.
We went on to kill deathwing and shit that night.
Only got offspec loottsss

Acheesements on a useless pally is always good.

Watch the Video, and subscribe! I didn’t put music, so you guys can listen to your own beats while watching it

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