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Hunter Transmog

So I have a constant need to change the transmog’s on my characters.
Recent investment to buy the Mulgore Hatchling to go with the set worked out perfectly.
Let me know what you think.

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More Transmog Gear

So it’s been almost a month since my last post.
And even now it is hard to write about shit about this game.

As the end of this expansion comes closer and closer to an end. It is getting extremely hard to find “activities” to do.
I have ran so many Level 60, and 70 raids, you couldn’t even imagine.

Transmog is a part of this game that wont go away as expansions pass.

Besides like lack of bank space perhaps?
No way in hell am I using that retarded expensive feature called Void Storage.

25g for a piece of gear? REALLY.
Even for me, with more gold than I can shit, NO.


Anyways, I’ll provide my viewers with some more fantastic transmog sets.

Love it or hate it, lemme know, fuckas.


Warrior UPDATED 

So before this, I had a couple transmogs right? Imperial Plate and that Zul Amman type gear.

Well its changed from being not so cheesy to something unbelievably amazing.
Don’t let your jaw touch the ground after you see these master pieces.
Only jokes btw. They are cool, but not splurge cool.

Warrior T6 Kinda Tank Set


So i’ve kinda started to do a lot of Black Temple, trying to get the glaives, and that fuckin shield off illidan.
Need to do sunwell for the boots, so i decided instead of trying to be coordinated, id throw a curve ball and some bright and shiny boots and belt will attract the eye.


The next is my DPS Set.

Warrior T2 DPS!


So, I actually love this set of gear, I have for a long time. Finally figured out how to 2 man the first boss with the girlfriend so we have been running that every week trying to get her hunter t2 as well.

I think it suits a gnome the best, looks like shit on any other alliance class.

gnome 1 night elf 0


The next picture is of my new favorite ground mount.

Love me!



So, the next character im going to show you is my un color coordinated shaman re color t2 hunters gear.






So this set is a little all over the place, Im working on getting the t1 for the hunter, the shoulders just never seem to want to drop for me.

Acquired this  gear from some Level 70 dungeons, and a Worgen, in a dress? What could be better right.

Hmm, I think ill show you my warlock.


So I will warn you before hand, its not perfect yet.
Still need to find a chest piece that matches. (t1)
What I have is the head piece from level 80 onyixia

Then the rest of the gear is from molten core.

t1 warlock. kinda

Not perfect by any means, but hey, its not all that bad.
I barely play on this character. VP are useless, and I dont want to learn to pvp on a lock just yet.


Next im going to show you my pally, then i think death knight.

Shaman currently doesnt have a full set, and looks like a fuckin good cause it is a male draeni.

Pallys DPS Set 

So, the healing set is still the same as my previous post.

But since this is the only character not in relapse i barely play her besides raids.
While waiting for raids to start i also did molten core a few times.

Still cant get the fuckin chest though.
So i still made her slutty.

Light Bringer

Dumb bitch closes her eyes when i snap the picture, typical hoe.

Last is my death knight


So I didn’t have a transmog set for the tank for a long time because they only came out at level 80.

So i used to raid at the very beginning of cata on this bitch. And i saved the pretty blue gear.

Like it?

Magma Plated!


So this is all my transmogs that have changed since my last post.

Ill keep updating and making new posts as i find new sets i like/ aqquire.

Let me know which ones your favorite!

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Finally got a new pet!

So I’ve been putting away and keep pushing it off to the side about trying to get jadefang, mainly because I thought their would be a ton of people trying to get him because of his gay companion.
But I saw someone with him in the auction house and flew out to his spawn point in deepholm.

Luckily the daily quest you need was there.

Underground something or fucking another

Hes pretty sweet looking, Tenancity pet, so I probably won’t use him very much, just for show.

Screen shot below.


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My Characters Armory. All 10 bbg

So I haven’t actually listed a list of all my 85’s on Moonrunner.

So while I was updating my Twitch.tv live stream profile I thought I’d post all my signatures onto here.

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PVP(ing) suck(s)

So me and my bro started doing some 2v2.

BM Hunter anddddd BM Hunter.
Low  level so its pretty easy.

But we wrecked shit today.


I’m back from Hawaii, unfortunately,  I don’t have much to talk about, I did miss this stupid fucking crack addiction.

Did a couple dungeons while I was there with a POS laptop and no mouse. Fun Fun.

I’m trying to find a way to upload a video onto youtube without throttling the fuck out of my internet connection for like 3 hours.

I’ve tried googling it and what not, too much coding for me to fuckin worry about.

Any suggestions?

And another thing, I’m at 300 views. Lol.
But, Im turning a topic to you guys. I play all 10 classes blah blah blah. Do a lot of shit, you comment on this with something you would like me to write about, either it being raid, how to, gold etc etc.

Well see if i get any comments.

Gotta go back and PVP some more -_-


how good is my transmorg, right?8

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The Magnificent Deth'tilac

















King Krush

So, that is all my pets. Tell me your favorite 🙂 so far the hardest one to get has been the stupid Spider, all my gear was RED by the time i got through with him, but it was me just being lazy and not looking what to do.

And keep in mind the following, I didnt start collecting pets till I dinged 85.

So i’m writing this on the Morning of March 12. 7 Days to collect all these pets isn’t bad If you ask me.

Share this post please ❤

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9 85s

Grinded my hunter to 85 today. Just a warlock left. Then finished!

Im wanting to find all the spirit beasts, but fuck is that boring.

I actually found the one in Twillight Highlands today as I was leveling, then realized that I had to be 85 to tame him. So I, being the nice brother, logged onto my brothers hunter, respecced him into beast mastery, then tammed him his very first spirit beast. He was pretty stoked.

Lucky Fuck…


I went survival because its retard easy, made my 4 pieces of 377 pvp gear, the 2 rings, kneck piece, boe 397 wrist and boot, then got my 353 item level and am able to do the Hour of Twillight heroics. Was going to try and get the 372 to do LFR, but fuck lfr on a monday. What would you expect.

Raymond and Brayden are getting good at this game.

Im making him power level herbalism, and he fucking hates it.

I reached 190k gold.

Love you

9 85s


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Last place, wins the race

Marco Polo


Spent a few thousand gold on getting Sir Keenismean, and Madam 😛 Rayacuno to 372 Ilvl so we could do the LFR together. With the addition of some HoT heroics and JP gear they were each doing persay 15 or so dps on a boss.

Thats fucking good enough for LFR standards. Well lemme fuckin tell you, Keenismean (big brayden) succeeded and didn’t finish last. blah blah blah end of story as you can guess. Ray finished last 😛 He won the mark of cunning. He finished close to last next boss. Won Teir Gloves. Finished 15th on Hagara. Won Shoulders.

Mean while, me and Bray Bray didn’t win fucking SHIT.

What is this? Just a coincidence?

But now they have more gear and on the second half. they were both never below 12th. They stepped their shit up.

Brayden got the Bow of Dw. Now hes a green monster with a monster ass bow. Youll see in the picture.

We are gonna spam man the handy man dan to uncle franks dank a milk shake do heroics tomorrow.

Ill show ya the deets.


(These 2 didnt have any idea that they would be playing wow at level 85 doing raids and shit 2 months ago)

HA Teacher Dillon at his best



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