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Quick Spreadsheet

So, I thought I’d share a spreadsheet that is completely interactive f you’d like to download it.

Its what I use to see the profit, Just plug the numbers in from your servers AH and WALLA

Hopefully Elementium ore is crashing on your server.

Lemme know if you use it

Prospecting August 13


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Half way there brothers and sisters!!

So I haven’t posted my “pot of gold in awhile” cause I’ve been waiting for a good, milestone.
Im half way to a million gold.




Enchanting Shit

VP Boots

=500k Gold

Half a million gold!


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Seems like its been fucking forever since I made a post.

My last one on my transmog sets TOOK OFF.

Brought me in a ton of views, and a lot of weird search terms. Creeps.

“Slutty human pally transmog”
Pretty much all has to do with slutty. Anyways, thats alllll good in my books.

I’ve been working on a couple more transmogs too. I’m loving the Teir 1 Sets so i’ve been farming them on most of the toons. Priest is the only one that is completed. But I will make a post of that soon once a couple more are completed.


Anyways, to the meat of this post. There hasn’t been anything to do on wow, at all, just play with the girlfriend and hopefully 1 more person logs on to do guild dungeons, so while i wait and shit. I’ve been owning the JC market on my realm.

I’ve made 70k gold in a month. I think?

I bought myself Sandstone Drake when i hit 320.

But now i hit 350 Tonight. I KNOW SCREENshot or it didnt happen. But that is below, so 1- Dillon 0- Trolls.

Try again please.

I know i know you are all thinking, 350k gold. HOLY Fuck, Imagine what you would do on your meesly 2 level 85s with 350k gold.

I dont even know what to do with it.

My only goal is to hit 1 Million gold, now thats a fucking milestone.

anyways, gotta go to bed. working in the real life sucks, if only i could make dollas like I make gold hey?


350k Gold. Jelly?

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so quarter million bittches

Last weekend I came across a devilish deal 😉
Anyways bought some shit for dirt cheap. Not sure if it was hacked account? or gold hacker.
Too good to be true I think.

Anyways spent 20k on some Queens Garnets.

40 to be exact.

I mean right? Too good to be true. How could anyone turn this down.

Mailed them all to my JC and started owning the AH for a weekend.

I made sure I had 2 of each gem, stre, agi, int up at all times.
No more because id get undercut and posting them every 15 minutes uses some gold 🙂

I put 2 blanks always up there just so I could sell them as quick as I can.

Anyways Easy Easy Money

Here’s how much gold I have.

When I bought the Gems I was at 217-20=197k After selling all of them 260k.

( I bought a transmog set for my pally for like 5k?) thats why my gold is below 260 in the picture.


Thanks ❤


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