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Little Monday Joke

Silly man, Articus has only one spawn point.


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Changes – Tupac

So, frankly, some aspects of this current expansion are pissing me off. What is there to do nowadays.

Blizzard released DS 10 with the intent of having every wow player to see the end content bosses whateverrrrr.
They released LFR, which is one of the most stupid aspects or fucking content exploration i have ever seen.

They may fix it. but honestly i highly doubt it.

They made the valor cap so fucking small that you do LFR once then 2 dungeons and your done for the week.

No more chances on getting upgrades.

I loved lich king, where you had to do dungeons to get the gear to enter the raids.

Now the only way your character can enter a raid is if they are lucky and win some pieces in LFR.

Then, the next trouble is Item level. YIPPEEEEE You have ilvl 390 you can come to my raid, knowing you probably have no fucking idea once so ever on the fights, or frankly how to even play your character.

I miss the Lich King days where people used Wow-Heroes. Honestly, the way you got your wow heroes score was proper enchants proper spec blah blah blah.

Now i can equip as much pvp gear as possible, dont have to use any gems or enchants and i can still get into a DS 10 that has no chance of downing a boss that uses any coordination once so ever.

Anyways, some times i wish things would go back to where they used to be, but then again there are some plus sides to this expansion, I mean I did get 10 85s lol.

Other than that I have been let down severly, the daily quest zones suck. If there is any.

I mean come ON Blizzard you release DS 10 the END EXPANSION raid boss, and there is no quest line, no story, NOTHING TO DO.


Terribly bored, and yet I still cant stop playing.

I guess its the time of the game where you catch up on everything.
Im learning professions,  starting to PVP a lot more.

Though really just rogue and hunter.

Anyways I have high hopes for this MoP maybe they can fix some of this shit and not be so fucking lazy,

God damn Coroporate companies.

Agree with anything I’ve ranted out here?

Have anything else you would like to add, SHOUT AT ME BRO

Im lookin for a screenshot…


Oh, last but not least.





and Redline.


Faggot ass bitches

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