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WTS Lessons

So, I’ve started working, holy fuck.
Kill Me…

I still am able to play this game, just not to the extent I was used too.
But there is getting less and less to do. 10 85s. geared to the tits…

No more LFR… working on off off specs.

I need to find something to doooooooooooo.
DS 10 is a joke now.

I want to quit construction and open my own business.

Lets create one right now.


Ill teach any of you how to play this game. Simply enough right?

Whether you want to learn to play your Destruction Warlock. Or how to tank heroic DS?

Im your man.

They will be free right now 😉

but just you wait. Once this business takes off youll be payin the big bucks baby.


Love you



/kill me.


Want to play wow more 😦

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