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WTS Lessons

So, I’ve started working, holy fuck.
Kill Me…

I still am able to play this game, just not to the extent I was used too.
But there is getting less and less to do. 10 85s. geared to the tits…

No more LFR… working on off off specs.

I need to find something to doooooooooooo.
DS 10 is a joke now.

I want to quit construction and open my own business.

Lets create one right now.


Ill teach any of you how to play this game. Simply enough right?

Whether you want to learn to play your Destruction Warlock. Or how to tank heroic DS?

Im your man.

They will be free right now 😉

but just you wait. Once this business takes off youll be payin the big bucks baby.


Love you




/kill me.


Want to play wow more 😦

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A bliss

So, I havent been doing much on this game lately, just trying to grind out professions on all my toons. Complete the useless time consuming shit while i have the next 4 or 5 days off before I stop getting paid to play wow.

Good by EI.

Hello Epcor.

Im on a bridge on if im going to hate it completely like last year, or if maybe it might be better.
I know what im going into.

Expect the worst, prayin for the best.

haha nigga lyrics.

Gonna make dolla dolla bills, maybe ill buy a bau5555555 laptop.
I want a macbook pro, windows laptops piss me off, I played on one for the longest time in Lich King, what a fucking nightmare.

I did sign up for the annual pass. So I wont be leaving this game anytime soon haha.

Im excited for D3, and i really want to try out the MoP beta, maybe my invite will come one day?


I dont even know if I have a cool screenshot to put at the end of this post. Its coming soon.

Im up to 285k gold now. Fuck its too easy, you dont even have to try like you used to.

Everyone is sooo retarded when it comes to buying and selling shit ahah.

My guild is getting better and better now, level 9 and a half. GG to 2’s and dungeons, and rays daily quests.

He has done mad recruting, soo its good.

Maybe we will be able to do a DS 10 guild raid :O

or atleast like magmaw or some shit haha.

Im out for a bit.



Thoughts are written down, Ideas are created.

-Stoned Dillon



look at how bad alliance raped them. never happens

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Plenty of Fish

I’m Quitting Wow…..






April Fools.

I know it’s a little late. Had too.
Did any of you do or get any Aprils fools jokes done?
Not this guy, I slept past the deadline.


I thought I would talk about what changes are coming to wow and how I feel about them. I’ll talk about probably my favorite ATM, but fuck there is so many, I’m sick of this Dragon Soul, level 85 content. I want this expansion terribly bad.
Though having to level 10 85’s to 90 is probably going to be a hassle, I need to find a huge gold mine to start stock pilling for the expansion. I know that Maelstrom Crystals, all those enchanting mats, minning materials ETC will eventually do the same sort of pathway as Lich King did, and how those are fucking outrageously expensive right now. At least like infinite dust is 7g each on our server, and when Cata was released it was er 50s each? That’s profit and I don’t even even have a Masters Degree. Well see as that time draws nearer.


My favorite thing that has been posted about in the beta posts issssss…..


Whats yours ?


Mine is the change to looting in LFR, that has by far been the most frustrating, ridiculous thing to ever hit this game. Im excited because of the fact that they are getting rid of the need to trade aspect. I mean everyone does it now? You cant even say that you don’t need on anything you can. Im sick of having to mooch my fucking way to get a ilvl 384 pants from the Priest that has 410, and of course magically won them. Oh well with the change, no more trading, no much having to inspect. You win, You win. like a lottery.


There are other features I like, like the MONK!!! Of course, and another character slot! Im stoked to play a panda, and the new daily quests. It will be fun to experience maybe 2 times? Then it will get fucking lame again. But that will come.

I wish that mass looting feature was released when I was power leveling all mine and my girlfriends characters, that would have been sweet. Hmm what else.

Its 3 am right now, I’m out of topics. But I know they will come as soon as I click publish. Oh well, another day another dollar.

Thank you to my new Sponsor Steel Series<3


April fools again.

I wish.



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All Finished


1 85 of every Class.
Warlock was the absolute worst haha
But he is finally 85 and I’ve decided to go destruction ? I think that’s the best right now.

Demonology looks fun though ! We’ll see.

Ill post what I do when I figure it out.

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9 85s

Grinded my hunter to 85 today. Just a warlock left. Then finished!

Im wanting to find all the spirit beasts, but fuck is that boring.

I actually found the one in Twillight Highlands today as I was leveling, then realized that I had to be 85 to tame him. So I, being the nice brother, logged onto my brothers hunter, respecced him into beast mastery, then tammed him his very first spirit beast. He was pretty stoked.

Lucky Fuck…


I went survival because its retard easy, made my 4 pieces of 377 pvp gear, the 2 rings, kneck piece, boe 397 wrist and boot, then got my 353 item level and am able to do the Hour of Twillight heroics. Was going to try and get the 372 to do LFR, but fuck lfr on a monday. What would you expect.

Raymond and Brayden are getting good at this game.

Im making him power level herbalism, and he fucking hates it.

I reached 190k gold.

Love you

9 85s


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*Random Bear Joke*

Well it’s tuesday, that means everything has reset and you probably are all wasting your lifes away on LFR, losing shoulder tokens to mages who already have 397. If not, lucky you, cause its been happening to me every week.
Most of my toons are done and dont have to waste their time in LFR, but like a shaman, druid, or a fresh mage. Thats all you can do!

I cant seem to be able to post a superb quality video onto youtube with out it taking 4 and a half years to upload, so i’m posting the shitty quality video, bear tanking is by far my favorite out of the 4, especially aoe fights. BUT this video is the 2nd boss, so its boring as shit, probably wont even surpass 10 views. Its the only one I was able to upload.

I hopefully get to raid tonight, if not. Welcome to a boring ass night of LFR.
Maybe more powerleveling.
Besides the fact raymonds a NOOB 🙂

(I hope he reads it)

He always fucking lets the only character that can rez someone. DIE.
He seems to cast blizzard on bosses, like he wants it to fuckin snow.
Now go shut the front door.

Love you Ray Ray ❤

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So I finally decided to grind the last 25 levels of enchanting, quick and easy. I needed the landslide enchant, SO SICK of tipping people for that shit.
The 5 points that I got for that runed elementium rod, makes it super easy. Costs like 1000 gold for the mats, or if your a hoarder, you should have it all in your bank alt.
Now I do not have to look for a stupid enchanter ever again. Still need to do another profession on the pally, but I dont know which one. I HAVE TOOOO MANY!
So basically the way I did it was

500-505 Hit to bracers, Its the cheapest one to get you the 5 points
505-510 Couple you can do, but if the potions are cheap on the AH i’d recommend http://www.wowhead.com/spell=74236 
510-515 Craft enchants that use 3 Greater Essences  or whatever. Spirit to Bracers, Mastery to boots. Those are the 2 I made
515-520 Runed Elementium Rod. You get 5 skill ups. Easy Easy
520-525 Maelstrom shatter. If you needed to buy the Crystals off the ah, my economy is lucky. Its like 190 for maelstorm and like 90 for Shards. So your losing like 10 gold if your wanting to sell everything. (Which I DONT reccomend, Stock pile that shit nukka)

There you have it, now buy all the 5 Maelstrom patterns and wait and see people looking for that enchant.

Tomorrows Tuesday…. Great -_-

Bye ❤

525... GG


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