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Pandaran Daily Quest


So I updated the Map a little bit, found some daily quests for Golden Lotus. But you first have to do the starting quest chain at the east temple in Kun-Lai.

Working on the Shado-Pen daily unlocks, but you first have to be revered with Golden Lotus.

To start most of these dailys you pick the quests up at Shrine of the seven stars.

Let me know which daily quest or which reputation you are working on getting exalted with first!

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Plenty of Fish

I’m Quitting Wow…..






April Fools.

I know it’s a little late. Had too.
Did any of you do or get any Aprils fools jokes done?
Not this guy, I slept past the deadline.


I thought I would talk about what changes are coming to wow and how I feel about them. I’ll talk about probably my favorite ATM, but fuck there is so many, I’m sick of this Dragon Soul, level 85 content. I want this expansion terribly bad.
Though having to level 10 85’s to 90 is probably going to be a hassle, I need to find a huge gold mine to start stock pilling for the expansion. I know that Maelstrom Crystals, all those enchanting mats, minning materials ETC will eventually do the same sort of pathway as Lich King did, and how those are fucking outrageously expensive right now. At least like infinite dust is 7g each on our server, and when Cata was released it was er 50s each? That’s profit and I don’t even even have a Masters Degree. Well see as that time draws nearer.


My favorite thing that has been posted about in the beta posts issssss…..


Whats yours ?


Mine is the change to looting in LFR, that has by far been the most frustrating, ridiculous thing to ever hit this game. Im excited because of the fact that they are getting rid of the need to trade aspect. I mean everyone does it now? You cant even say that you don’t need on anything you can. Im sick of having to mooch my fucking way to get a ilvl 384 pants from the Priest that has 410, and of course magically won them. Oh well with the change, no more trading, no much having to inspect. You win, You win. like a lottery.


There are other features I like, like the MONK!!! Of course, and another character slot! Im stoked to play a panda, and the new daily quests. It will be fun to experience maybe 2 times? Then it will get fucking lame again. But that will come.

I wish that mass looting feature was released when I was power leveling all mine and my girlfriends characters, that would have been sweet. Hmm what else.

Its 3 am right now, I’m out of topics. But I know they will come as soon as I click publish. Oh well, another day another dollar.

Thank you to my new Sponsor Steel Series<3


April fools again.

I wish.



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