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Pandaria Quartermasters

Quickly Posting a map of where the respective quartermasters are;



Now for the Vale of Eternal Blossom Quartermasters

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PVP(ing) suck(s)

So me and my bro started doing some 2v2.

BM Hunter anddddd BM Hunter.
Low  level so its pretty easy.

But we wrecked shit today.


I’m back from Hawaii, unfortunately,  I don’t have much to talk about, I did miss this stupid fucking crack addiction.

Did a couple dungeons while I was there with a POS laptop and no mouse. Fun Fun.

I’m trying to find a way to upload a video onto youtube without throttling the fuck out of my internet connection for like 3 hours.

I’ve tried googling it and what not, too much coding for me to fuckin worry about.

Any suggestions?

And another thing, I’m at 300 views. Lol.
But, Im turning a topic to you guys. I play all 10 classes blah blah blah. Do a lot of shit, you comment on this with something you would like me to write about, either it being raid, how to, gold etc etc.

Well see if i get any comments.

Gotta go back and PVP some more -_-


how good is my transmorg, right?8

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AFK for 10 days

So sad sad news to let you all know….

I will be going to Hawaii for 10 days till like the 27 of march. So I will not be on wow, or posting on this.

I suspect my ratings 😛 are going to plummet so I appreciate using the refresh button a few times every day to keep me Number 1 Personal Wow Blog ❤

While I hike in the Volcano’s of Hawaii, and the crystal blue water, and beautiful water falls. I will be thinking of Wow


Kinda not really.

But 10 Days is a pretty big withdrawal. Will see if I survive.

We be pvp heros!

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