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so quarter million bittches

Last weekend I came across a devilish deal 😉
Anyways bought some shit for dirt cheap. Not sure if it was hacked account? or gold hacker.
Too good to be true I think.

Anyways spent 20k on some Queens Garnets.

40 to be exact.

I mean right? Too good to be true. How could anyone turn this down.

Mailed them all to my JC and started owning the AH for a weekend.

I made sure I had 2 of each gem, stre, agi, int up at all times.
No more because id get undercut and posting them every 15 minutes uses some gold 🙂

I put 2 blanks always up there just so I could sell them as quick as I can.

Anyways Easy Easy Money

Here’s how much gold I have.

When I bought the Gems I was at 217-20=197k After selling all of them 260k.

( I bought a transmog set for my pally for like 5k?) thats why my gold is below 260 in the picture.


Thanks ❤


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