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WTS Lessons

So, I’ve started working, holy fuck.
Kill Me…

I still am able to play this game, just not to the extent I was used too.
But there is getting less and less to do. 10 85s. geared to the tits…

No more LFR… working on off off specs.

I need to find something to doooooooooooo.
DS 10 is a joke now.

I want to quit construction and open my own business.

Lets create one right now.


Ill teach any of you how to play this game. Simply enough right?

Whether you want to learn to play your Destruction Warlock. Or how to tank heroic DS?

Im your man.

They will be free right now ūüėČ

but just you wait. Once this business takes off youll be payin the big bucks baby.


Love you




/kill me.


Want to play wow more ūüė¶

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CTC Macro

Just posting the macro for CTC Cap. So I myself, dont have to constantly google the fucking thing

/run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: “..string.format(“%.2f”, GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance() +5))

What is this you ask? Combat Table Coverage.

What the fuck is that now?

Well basically in short form it is…..

For Paladins, Warriors it is 102.4 and for Druids and DKs it is 101.8.
Since the stupid druids and dks dont have that “block stat” that warriors/paladins love, they can’t hit the ctc cap. Sorry ūüė¶

BUT what the ctc cap basically means is whether or not the boss is going to crushing blow, crits, hits, blocked or completely missed.
Higher the number you have the better ūüôā

Once you hit 102.4 you will block/dodge/parry or the boss will miss EVERY attack, yep everyone :D:D
So that is your goal as a paladin or warrior.

Reforge to hit the block cap, then make sure your parry/dodge are realistically the same percent, then make sure you reforge out of every hit/expertise fuck whatever stat that doesnt help you avoid to reach the cap.

Before you go running out and gem and reforging everything make sure to take into consideration all the buffs that you get in a raid, food buffs, kings, totems, horn of winter/battle shout. Then you can make yourself hit it.

Once you hit the cap. Well what else do you think you should stack?

Does your threat lack? probably not.
Do you want to hit 200k unbuffed? probably yup.

So there it is, this was typed in the midst of wiping on heroic al’akir or whatever. Yeah were still wiping on that shit. Its harder than any boss in DS 10 IMO

Please ask me a question if you think i fucked up.

Bye for now


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Stance Dance to France

So as every DPS warrior knows right now that arms is ahead of fury because of how stupid Blizzard is -_-.

And to¬†succeed¬†even more is to use this nerdy term called “Stance Dance”

So I’ve kinda ignored my warrior for the past couple weeks, just doing the LFR and a couple of heroics. Mostly tanking because DPS ques suck.

But this week I decided to turn in my tokens in and get the 4 piece for DPS.

I have 2 of the LFR DW 2 Handed swords Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Working on the enchants and such, kinda lazy ATM.
But I did get my macros and the rotation set up, WHICH is what I am going to share with you below…

First off is the set of macros that you need to have in order to stance dance efficiently.

These are the ones I currently use, with the addition of colossus smash and execute.
I don’t like Heroic strike, because the rage that is lost etc from stance changing constantly you will rarely have enough to use heroic strike. Therefore use SLAM. I can use the math I found on a website on how that slam does more damage per rage than heroic strike. But I don’t feel like copyright¬†infringements. ¬†Here’s my rotation.

Rend> Only usable in Battle Stance

Colossus Smash> EVERYTIME it is up sirs and madams

Mortal Strike > To refresh rend

Overpower>Only usable in Battle stance

Slam> Hi?

Heroic Strike> if you ever have more than 65 Rage

So basically make your macros, put them in the same order on both Battle stance bar and Berserk stance.

I’ve probably forgot some vital information, if I remember. YELL at me.

Below is the macros that I use

Love you All

#showtooltip mortal strike
/cast berserker stance
/cast mortal strike

#showtooltip Slam
/cast berserker stance
/cast Slam

#showtooltip Overpower
/cast battle stance
/cast Overpower

#showtooltip Rend
/cast battle stance
/cast Rend

#showtooltip Thunder Clap
/cast battle stance
/cast Thunder Clap

#showtooltip Bladestorm
/cast Berserker Stance
/cast Bladestorm

My warriors UI

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Stone Rumbles


I approve this message before hand.


I got to raid on my pally’s guilds main group. Yikes are they good. 1 shot Heroic Morchok, did normal the next 3, then 2nd attempt was the guild first downing of Heroic Ultraxion. I think its cause I was there right?
But I mean 50k healing per second each. Pally and a Druid, that’s bonkers. Super fun, but it was sloppy, and I didn’t record the attempt because I was convinced it would take a couple more tries.
We went on to kill deathwing and shit that night.
Only got offspec loottsss

Acheesements on a useless pally is always good.

Watch the Video, and subscribe! I didn’t put music, so you guys can listen to your own beats while watching it

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So, as you all know, whether it is in real life, or the better life, that as we know, world of warcraft. Fuck enough commas.
But money is everything, and for some people, it comes in a scarce amount. For others, LARGE!

I am lucky to call myself one of the lucky few that has no issues with gold once so ever.

“I’ll buy that Chest for 4k” some “homie” was offering me in a 10 man.
I WAS LIKE! Bro f’real! I have no concerns about 4k gold etc etc.

He then goes on braggin about he has 50k and how he has this and that and this and that.
I was gonna pop his epeen boner, but I decided to be the delightful raid leader.

The following picture, is the milestone I have hit for collecting WoW Currency.
Some of you e-tards will be like “DEERRRR DAS IT” but, the way I collected this is through;

Mutual Fund, Low equity stocks, and High interest Highly volatile stocks.


Enjoy, Please share with how much you have, or have collected before!

Screen shot or it didnt happen ūüėČ

Dolla Dolla Signs

Yes, that says 160 000 Gold. Not 16 000.

Good Night ‚̧

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My First use of Fraps

Welcome All!

So, this is my first attempt using fraps, and I did it on the stupid character. I hate my shadow priest, but whatever.
Don’t mind a couple parts where my buddy is talking and stuff, I guess fraps happens to pick up Skype calls? Neato.
Friday, I will probably be doing Heroic Morchok… Hopefully, if all goes well I will screen record that and then we can all see heroic morchok! get some 403 GEAR BEEACCHES!

If your going to take the time out of your busy day to watch it


and if you know how to make videos compress, but still stay high quality with windows live movie maker. Please comment ‚̧

Night Friendly Wow Players

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