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Quick Shaman Update

Here is my newest transmog for my resto gear on my shaman.

Gold, Slutty, Cheap? 2k gold maybe?


Good deal..


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Shaman Transmog, maybe druid?

So, I decided this past weekend that playing a Male Cow, ruined one aspect of the game for me. You cant transmog anything on them for fuckin shits.

Nothing slutty, nothing Sweet looking.

Even the Teir 1 and 2 sets looked fuckin gay on a male shaman.

Maybe the hunter heroic gear looks kinda cool. I don’t know.

So, yeah, of course, their is tons of sweet mail looking gear for transmog.

Luckily the girlfriend had i think the sundered set in her bank?
Sweet Deal. Lemme know if you like the transmog.

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Teaching you the Shaman ways

So I know I asked you guys how to play a enhance shaman. And with the plentiful mount of help I got in return I decided to share with you my results, with the shitty gear that I have, I manage to pull 20k sustained over like 6 million on training DUMMY, as you can see in the below pictures.

I have 2 piece t 12 and 2 piece t 13 LFR.
My weapons are the shit. No landslide enchants, but that’s cause I cant win anything .

Here’s my screen shots






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