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150k on Dreadnaught Pauldrons

So, I decided to spend some gold…. I liked the look of them.

I always wonder why Puff wasn’t in that truck.

Motha fuckas killed Biggie.


150k haha

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Quick Shaman Update

Here is my newest transmog for my resto gear on my shaman.

Gold, Slutty, Cheap? 2k gold maybe?


Good deal..


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Shaman Transmog, maybe druid?

So, I decided this past weekend that playing a Male Cow, ruined one aspect of the game for me. You cant transmog anything on them for fuckin shits.

Nothing slutty, nothing Sweet looking.

Even the Teir 1 and 2 sets looked fuckin gay on a male shaman.

Maybe the hunter heroic gear looks kinda cool. I don’t know.

So, yeah, of course, their is tons of sweet mail looking gear for transmog.

Luckily the girlfriend had i think the sundered set in her bank?
Sweet Deal. Lemme know if you like the transmog.

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More Transmog Gear

So it’s been almost a month since my last post.
And even now it is hard to write about shit about this game.

As the end of this expansion comes closer and closer to an end. It is getting extremely hard to find “activities” to do.
I have ran so many Level 60, and 70 raids, you couldn’t even imagine.

Transmog is a part of this game that wont go away as expansions pass.

Besides like lack of bank space perhaps?
No way in hell am I using that retarded expensive feature called Void Storage.

25g for a piece of gear? REALLY.
Even for me, with more gold than I can shit, NO.


Anyways, I’ll provide my viewers with some more fantastic transmog sets.

Love it or hate it, lemme know, fuckas.


Warrior UPDATED 

So before this, I had a couple transmogs right? Imperial Plate and that Zul Amman type gear.

Well its changed from being not so cheesy to something unbelievably amazing.
Don’t let your jaw touch the ground after you see these master pieces.
Only jokes btw. They are cool, but not splurge cool.

Warrior T6 Kinda Tank Set


So i’ve kinda started to do a lot of Black Temple, trying to get the glaives, and that fuckin shield off illidan.
Need to do sunwell for the boots, so i decided instead of trying to be coordinated, id throw a curve ball and some bright and shiny boots and belt will attract the eye.


The next is my DPS Set.

Warrior T2 DPS!


So, I actually love this set of gear, I have for a long time. Finally figured out how to 2 man the first boss with the girlfriend so we have been running that every week trying to get her hunter t2 as well.

I think it suits a gnome the best, looks like shit on any other alliance class.

gnome 1 night elf 0


The next picture is of my new favorite ground mount.

Love me!



So, the next character im going to show you is my un color coordinated shaman re color t2 hunters gear.






So this set is a little all over the place, Im working on getting the t1 for the hunter, the shoulders just never seem to want to drop for me.

Acquired this  gear from some Level 70 dungeons, and a Worgen, in a dress? What could be better right.

Hmm, I think ill show you my warlock.


So I will warn you before hand, its not perfect yet.
Still need to find a chest piece that matches. (t1)
What I have is the head piece from level 80 onyixia

Then the rest of the gear is from molten core.

t1 warlock. kinda

Not perfect by any means, but hey, its not all that bad.
I barely play on this character. VP are useless, and I dont want to learn to pvp on a lock just yet.


Next im going to show you my pally, then i think death knight.

Shaman currently doesnt have a full set, and looks like a fuckin good cause it is a male draeni.

Pallys DPS Set 

So, the healing set is still the same as my previous post.

But since this is the only character not in relapse i barely play her besides raids.
While waiting for raids to start i also did molten core a few times.

Still cant get the fuckin chest though.
So i still made her slutty.

Light Bringer

Dumb bitch closes her eyes when i snap the picture, typical hoe.

Last is my death knight


So I didn’t have a transmog set for the tank for a long time because they only came out at level 80.

So i used to raid at the very beginning of cata on this bitch. And i saved the pretty blue gear.

Like it?

Magma Plated!


So this is all my transmogs that have changed since my last post.

Ill keep updating and making new posts as i find new sets i like/ aqquire.

Let me know which ones your favorite!

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Seems like its been fucking forever since I made a post.

My last one on my transmog sets TOOK OFF.

Brought me in a ton of views, and a lot of weird search terms. Creeps.

“Slutty human pally transmog”
Pretty much all has to do with slutty. Anyways, thats alllll good in my books.

I’ve been working on a couple more transmogs too. I’m loving the Teir 1 Sets so i’ve been farming them on most of the toons. Priest is the only one that is completed. But I will make a post of that soon once a couple more are completed.


Anyways, to the meat of this post. There hasn’t been anything to do on wow, at all, just play with the girlfriend and hopefully 1 more person logs on to do guild dungeons, so while i wait and shit. I’ve been owning the JC market on my realm.

I’ve made 70k gold in a month. I think?

I bought myself Sandstone Drake when i hit 320.

But now i hit 350 Tonight. I KNOW SCREENshot or it didnt happen. But that is below, so 1- Dillon 0- Trolls.

Try again please.

I know i know you are all thinking, 350k gold. HOLY Fuck, Imagine what you would do on your meesly 2 level 85s with 350k gold.

I dont even know what to do with it.

My only goal is to hit 1 Million gold, now thats a fucking milestone.

anyways, gotta go to bed. working in the real life sucks, if only i could make dollas like I make gold hey?


350k Gold. Jelly?

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My Transmog Sets

So it’s been a lot in the making, and a lot of uh should I or should I not, blah do I like this, or do I like this more.
Decisions are key, because if your some what antsy you will waste a ton of time when you realize it is UGLLYYY.

Basically what I am saying, is that one of my new favorite features in this expansion is the Transmog, though it can be frustrating and super gay at times, the result is actually pretty sweet.

Having the amount of gold i have makes some of the BOE sets really easy, as long as they get posted on the AH. Some other sets that you have to find through level 70 dungeons though, those can take some time.

I love the teir look alike.

I also have been enjoying going back to the older raids Kara, BT, The Eye, and SSC and just killing them real quickly to see if any gear for a toon drops, yaddiyaddi

So im going to post my results, tell me whats your favorite. If you want to know specifically which items each are I can tell you, but for now im just going to post the pictures of each set.

Mage – Mario

I actually got this idea from my friends over at wow.joystiq.com. They did a post on Nintendo character transmogs, and I figured since I had the BOP gear from running the dungeons through recruit a friend, I thought id give this one a try.
This has been by far the most complemented transmog I have, and for obvious reasons. Who doesn’t love Mario.




So, this has been my toon from Level 70, end of Burning Crusade is when I made this guy. I wish I would have been able to see into the future and predict that they would have this Transmog feature, I had the most bad ass of bad ass sets of gear, IMO. But it was the gear from the ZA, kinda shit, i was single minded fury, before titansgrip was made 😀 Oh mann i was a boss. So i decided i was going to buy the level 70 Justice Point gear that was the same.
I get a lot of comments on this set, most people say I look like a scared fucking gnome thats going to rip you apart.

What do you think?

(I have the T5 shoulders, because they look cooler.)

This next picture is of my favorite mount in the game right now, well next to the fire one off of alyszor but I will never get that one haha.

Got lucky and got this one out of a bag for doing a dungeon. I tried killing him in sektek halls countless countless times.

My Favorite mount

My off-spec dumdumdum
So I figured, I needed to have a imperial plate transmog set on one of my plate wearers. I thought who would be better than my gnome warrior.

So I made the shit for like 150 gold 🙂 then used a sword out of i think 25man Ulduar?

and bam. I think he looks cool. ?

Like father, Like son


My next set is of my Female NIGHTELF, one of my rare non gnome toons haha. I was originally going to get the Cenarion set ( ya right) ahah so I decided to just get the Recouler, which i personally like better. A lot more “vibrant” I shall say. Looks pretty, I just wish they could see it because half the time i’m a fucking bear.

What do you think?

Cenarion Look a-like

I don’t have my offspec transmog on this character, because boomkin sucks. more than anything.

So im posting a picture of the only cool mount this toon has.

Same spot, because its fun to get to on the druid.




So I made this one after I killed ragnoros and got them beauty of shoulders.

Sorry Beatryce, Fat cow. HAHA

I waited and waited till all the hyperion armor came on the AH. No matter what the cost was I was determined, I think it costed me 6k for everything. Not sure, dont remember. I found a nice shield and nice mace to go with it.

What do you think?

Hyperion Pally

Theres the one slutty transmog, every loser wow dude has to have. Right?

Closer view now. Perverts.


I guess I kind of forgot my poor little Rogue.

I bought this set off the ah. EVERYTHING. Boneshredder, took me awhile to collect it all. Wasnt as expensive as the pallys. But I think it looks kinda cool?

What do you think

Coca-Cola Bear Likes

Now comes the shitty transmog sets.

They’re a work in progess, or a quick slap together. Still room for improvement, dont question that.

Death Knight 

This was a spur of the moment, get rid of justice points. Bought some shitty gear, bought some BOE gear, Slapped it on,

Realized it made her look like a slut.

I guess i needed one.

But a gnome?

Well Save it for the pally =) Best for last.

Slutty Gnome


I have a gnome warlock. but im not sure if i want to post it. and this took me a long time as it is. I want to go outside for a little. I think its nice haha.

The hunter is going for Full T-5 Liz Already has the set complete.


Priest- Nothing on the table

Shaman- Nothing on the table either.

You have any suggestions. Tell me.


Otherwise, tell me which one was your favorite!



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