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Valentines Baby

So, another stupid holiday boss is over, and my main nukka did not get his disgusting oozling that he was so despretly wanting. The only good thing about this stupid holiday is that pink mount on the post below, I managed to fork up 2 of them, one I equipped on my mount collector, than the other I am going to try and sell in a couple months. I mean its a simple 10k gold at least right now.


I am in the means of trying to upload a couple more raid videos but that gosh darn youtube throttles my internet connection to make it SLOTH SLOW. For like a random 140 minutes? Currently trying to google if there is a way around it.

Last night raided twice, Holy Pally Donair killed 7/8 but we coldnt kill DW because of the stupid bug where the winds don’t pick you up.

I raid lead with my sister and a couple friends, nothing serious, but we did get 6/8 done, with a couple people never doing the raid before on 10 man. Spine will be done next week I hope.
A TON of vanquisher gear dropped, but me being the nice foak you all know passed on some and gave it to others. I did get a chest, and then 3 essance of destructions that I sell for my guild bank.

Free repairs ❤

Level 2 Relapse For life baby


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